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Fire Damage

Fire damage can be the most destructive event that any family can deal with. Once the fire is out, there are a multitude of challenges that can arise. Beyond the damage that the fire presents, you could have water damage from the firefighting efforts, structural damage from the fire, soot damage, the need to secure the property from theft and the need to find the right company to rebuild. J. Brian Day can help with each one of these situations, being the central contact to solve each one and make you whole again.


Water Damage

Water damage can make living in your home next to impossible. Due to it’s very nature, water will permeate every porous surface in your home causing damage that can lead to issues like black mold. Stopping further effects from a leaking pipe, backed up sewer system, weather related flood or leaking roof is the primary goal of any water damage restoration solution. J Brian Day has the expertise and equipment to stop the water damage and get you back to making happy memories in your home.


Bio Cleanup

Cleaning up bio-hazards should not be taken lightly. Businesses that willful violate OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training Standards can face fined of up to $70,000. Unless you have the proper training in place, no employee should be asked to clean up potentially bio-hazardous materials.


Mold Damage

Mold is one of the most challenging issues to deal with. Every other disaster situation that J. Brian Day resolves can lead to mold. Fire and structural damage can bring water. Flood damage will work into every surface in your business. All mold is not dangerous, but J. Brian Day has the equipment to test your air quality and remove mold from all the areas, whether viable or not.

The air quality in your home is too important to leave to chance. Call J. Brian Day today.


Structural Damage and Construction

A structural damage event can make it almost impossible to live in your home. A wide open roof, a massive hole in the wall with a car in it or collapsed kitchen will make it all but impossible to keep living in your home. Moreover, having your place of business exposed to the elements can lead to further damage and theft of important equipment.

J. Brian Day will work quickly to secure your home and start repairing the damage, so that you can start building new memories.


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