This Winter, Protect your Home from Water Damage

The reality in New England is that your home is at risk for water damage during all four seasons. Spring and winter can be especially concerning for homeowners given the increased amount of precipitation during these seasons.

Winters that bring heavy amounts of snowfall can cause water damage when melting snow finds its way into your home. If melting snow finds its way into areas of one’s home that does not get used very often (i.e. basement), it can be a while before the water damage is noticed.

Fortunately, there are several precautions that homeowners in New England can take to prevent water damage:

Check your gutters: If your gutters are clogged, snow that melts on your roof often finds its way into other areas of your home, causing damage. Make sure they are free of leaves and other debris that can lead to water damage. Also make sure the end of the gutter is pointing away from your home and foundation.

Patch up any leaks: Thoroughly inspect your home for any leaks. Common areas for leaks include your roof and pipes. Make sure these areas are properly sealed so that they can withstand a typical New England winter. You should also be sure that your roof is not missing any shingles.

Inspect your sump pump: Another way to prevent water damage in your home is to make sure your sump pump is functioning properly. Your sump pump is responsible for collecting and removing water, typically in the basement of your home. It is wise to test it periodically.

Properly preventing your home from water damage can help you save money l0ng term. Of course, in the unfortunate event that your home suffers water damage, be sure to contact us immediately at 1-888-435-7968!

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