Benefits of Direct Insurance Billing


As an added benefit to our customers, J. Brian Day offers direct insurance billing is a convenient service that streamlines the process of paying for our services. J. Brian Day is committed to not only a high level of service, but also an extremely unsatisfactory customer experience, and direct insurance billing only adds to this experience. There are a few specific benefits of using direct insurance billing, which are highlighted below.


As mentioned, the main benefit of offering direct insurance billing is convenience. Instead of having to dig through your wallet or home for a blank check, J. Brian Day bills your insurance company directly, acting as the middleman. We live in a paperless world, and increasingly, this includes checks. The payment industry is trending heavily in the direction of digital, as consumers increasingly rely on their smartphones, watches, and the Internet to pay their bills.


A subset of the convenience factor, direct insurance billing is an extremely automated and instantaneous process. Simply exchange your insurance information with one of our representatives and the payment is sent to your provider. The days of checks for home services getting lost in the mail are becoming a thing of the past.

Peace of Mind

In the event of a disaster caused by water or fire damage, homeowners want to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Dealing with the payment process can add to the stress of resuming everyday life.  Instead of fleshing out what is owed for our services, you can rest easy knowing your insurance agency is handling it  all.

No Upfront Cost

Finally, no money is required upfront for our services. All billing takes place upon successful completion of our services. We are more concerned with providing satisfactory services than reaching into our pockets as soon as possible.


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