Fire Damage Estimate in 4 Floor Commercial Mill Building

One of our more recent projects involved providing a commercial client with an estimate to clean up and restore a four-floor mill building. The building had suffered fire damage and the client was looking to clean up and restore the building as quickly as possible. Our crew arrived promptly and once inside, thoroughly inspected the building for any and all damage caused by fire. Fire damage is arguably the most difficult to deal with as it can, in turn, cause soot and structural damage as well. Given their age, mill buildings are not as structurally sound as modern buildings, and as such, are more susceptible to being destroyed by fire.

Given that the mill building was four floors and quite expansive, the inspection process took longer than normal. Our dedicated personnel worked as efficiently as possible while also being sure not to overlook any potential damage. When providing clients with an estimate on any of our restoration or cleanup services, our professionals carefully inspect the client’s building or home so that there are no surprises later on.

Below are just a few photos that help illustrate the size and scale of this particular project:

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