Winterizing Your Home to Prevent Water Damage

winterizing home water damage

After a mild start, winter is in full swing in New England. Temperatures are dropping and snow is falling, bringing back painful memories of last winter. Furthermore, local weather experts predict that things are just getting started – more snowfall – in the form of major storms – is expected during the next few weeks. When Mother Nature brings her worst, it’s important that your home is well-prepared. There are several critical steps that homeowners in New England can take in order to properly winterize their home and more importantly, prevent water damage.


Since your roof usually takes the brunt of snowstorms and blizzards, homeowners should ensure that their roof is in good condition and not conducive to leaks. Poorly constructed or run down roofs are more susceptible to ice dams -a common culprit of water damage in the winter. Homeowners should also make sure that their roof will withstand the weight of snow and ice, which can sometimes sit atop a roof for several months until both melt.


Just as homeowners should make sure that their roof is winter-ready, they should also take a good look at their siding to make sure it is free from any damage that could potentially let water inside the home. While checking siding, it’s also worthwhile to make sure your windows are sealed completely shut and will not let any rain or snow inside your home.


Frozen and clogged gutters, along with a faulty roof, are a surefire culprit for ice dams and potential water damage. Gutters will inevitably become clogged with snow and ice during a typical winter New England. Homeowners should do their best to keep them clear and make sure that any rainwater is distributed away the foundation of the home. Partially or fully clogged gutters can easily cause rain and snow to find its way into your home – most frequently via the basement. Make sure your gutters are in good enough shape to make it through a typically brutal New England winter.

If your home experiences any degree of water damage this winter, give us a call immediately at 888-435-7968!

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