How Can I Benefit From Having My Tile & Grout Professionally Cleaned?

Floors and services tend to lose their shine and luster over time. Basic mopping and scrubbing don’t usually get the results that you were looking for because grout is porous and absorbs dirt and debris. With kitchens and bathrooms being the most-frequented rooms used in a house, they tend to become dirty very quickly. Here at J. Brian Day Emergency Services, our tile and grout cleaning professionals use the latest equipment to deep clean your grout and tile and leave your house looking like new!

Changes the Look of a Room

Professional tile and grout cleaning uses special cleaners and steam to remove dirt and grime that has built up over time. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell how dirty your tile and grout actually is until you clean it. Tile and grout cleaning will give your home a fresh, new look and reveal its true, original beauty.

Prevents Mold from Growing

Mold and bacteria can grow and expand in tile and grout, which can cause many health problems to people living in the home. With a professional tile and grout cleaning service, they use the right products to kill this bacteria, leaving behind a clean, sterile room.

Prolongs the Life of the Tiles and Grout

Having a professional cleaning service clean your tile and grout every 1-2 years will remove dirt and bacteria that can cause extensive damage. It will also help preserve the tile and grout, along with its value.

Time and Cost-Effective

Just the thought of being on the bathroom floor scrubbing the tile and grout makes anyone cringe. When homeowners decided to clean their tile and grout themselves, they tend to get it done as quickly as possible, which usually means they don’t put a maximum amount of effort into it. Homeowners also tend to forget the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment adds up. By hiring a professional tile and grout cleaner, it will save you time and money.


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