How to Prevent Puffbacks in Your Home

A puffback is a misfiring of your furnace. It happens when an oil burner doesn’t ignite immediately and oil fumes build up, causing an explosion similar to a backfiring of a car. This sends soot everywhere, which can be very difficult to clean. So how do you prevent a puffback from happening?

Keep Your Oil Heating System Free of Dust

Keep the area around the heating system clean and dust free. Also, keep the area clear and don’t crowd it with a lot of items.

Check for Oil Leaks and Soot

Watch for oil drips at the piping fittings and soot near the furnace. Make sure to clean these up immediately and call a technician right away.

Inspect and Service Your Heating System Yearly

Have your furnace cleaned and serviced by a licensed technician at least once a year. A professional knows how to open, clean, and inspect the furnace properly.

Listen for Noises

If you hear loud noises in your home or a rumbling in the furnace, call your heating company immediately.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Puffbacks increase the carbon monoxide levels in your home. Having a carbon monoxide detector will help detect a puffback in its early stages.

By keeping up with regular maintenance and paying close attention to your furnace, you can avoid the possibility of a puffback and the cost of cleanup. In the unfortunate event that a puffback should occur in your home, call J. Brain Day at 888-HELP-YOU! We offer emergency cleanup and restoration services 24/7!

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