Hi I’m J Brian Day, a local business owner here in Bellingham for more than 10 years!

On November 17th The Bellingham planning board plans to amend  a parcel of land that I own from Industrial to suburban. This unprecedented move would destroy all of my families investments, and plans for future growth in the town of Bellingham.

Unlike  Amazon and other thriving businesses just across Maple Street, only a few personally owned small businesses will be affected.

This is just not fair!  After losing in the Massachusetts land court the last time around for not notifying us the land owners of their plans, the Bellingham Planning Board will try again  on November 17th. 

Please, please  help me and my family business by attending the Bellingham Planning Board meeting on November 17 at the Bellingham High School  and vote NO! No to Article 10 Zoning Change! We are good neighbors, and want to continue to grow our business right here in Bellingham.

For information on the amendment please go to my website or you can go to the town of Bellingham website. 

Thank You

John Day 

A Message From John Day

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