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New Carpet Cleaning & Mold Remediation Specials!

Looking to save on your next home improvement project? J. Brian Day has you covered! Now through July 31st, take advantage of our ongoing carpet cleaning and mold inspection specials. We’re offering FREE in-home mold inspections in addition to a variety of carpet cleaning and area rug specials. There is no better time to do…

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8 Reasons to Have your Carpets Cleaned During Spring Cleaning

It’s finally springtime! Which means flowers! Sunshine! And Spring cleaning? But spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a hastle. Let J. Brian Day Emergency Services take care of all your carpet cleaning. With their reliable and responsive technicians, they will thoroughly inspect your carpet, identifying any stains or odors. Then they will not only take…

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The Most Common Types of Carpet and Rug Stains

In a perfect world, your house would be squeaky-clean every time you walked through the door. Unfortunately, such is far from the case, especially in houses with small children and pets. There are little that is more frustrating than purchasing a new carpet or rug for your home, only to have it ruined by stain…

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Start 2015 with a Clean Carpet or Oriental Rug!

Over the course of a year, your carpets and rugs go through a lot. They collect large amounts of dust, dirt, and stains. Carpets and rugs in areas of high foot traffic experience wear and tear that can further diminish their appearance. Pets and small children can also provide damage to your carpets and rugs. It is best to have your…

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