Residential & Commercial Ice Dam Removal


An ice dam is a build-up on the roof of your commercial building or home. Ice dams form on roofs when accumulated snow on a sloping roof melts, flows down the roof under the insulating blanket of snow until it reaches frigid air, typically at the eaves.

When the melted water is exposed to the freezing air, ice accumulates, forming a dam, and snow that melts later cannot drain properly through the dam. Ice dams cause severe water leaks through the roofing material, resulting in water-damaged ceilings, walls and flooring.

Residential & Commercial Ice Dam Removal

J.Brian Day Emergency Services can help!

Water damage to your building materials like Carpet, Sheetrock and insulation will create mold if not properly dried or replaced. J.Brian Day specializes in water damage cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential properties, with direct billing to your insurance company. For more information on our ice dam removal services, call 1-888-HELP-YOU, or contact us today!

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