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Bathrooms and kitchens are naturally messy places. This, in combination with the fact that they are the among most-frequented rooms in a house, mean that they can become dirty quickly. Unfortunately, the fact that most kitchens and bathrooms are built using tiling and grout puts them among the hardest rooms to clean. Typical home cleaning methods simply don’t seem to get out the stains and blemishes no matter how hard you try. Therefore, it’s best to leave tile and grout cleaning duties to the experts at J. Brian Day.

Our tile and grout cleaning professionals use the latest equipment to rid your tile and grout of any and all stains, marks, dirt, blemishes and other imperfections. We will safely and thoroughly restore your floors and counters to their original condition without damaging the tiling or grout. Whether your surfaces are made from ceramic or porcelain, our trained experts will leave your home sparkling. Our tried-and-true process removes all contaminants in a non-abrasive and efficient manner.

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