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For many homeowners throughout New England, it can be a challenge to keep your furniture and upholstery clean. It can be even more difficult for those with small children and pets to avoid stains, marks and blemishes. There is nothing worse than purchasing a new sofa or loveseat, only to have it stained a week later. Some stains are harder to remove than others; before you toss that like-new piece of furniture to the curb, give J. Brian Day a call!

Our upholstery cleaning experts will arrive at your home ready to get your upholstery looking brand new again! At J. Brian Day, we take great pride in helping homeowners remove stains, pet odors, and other imperfections.

Our upholstery cleaning service consists of a tried-and-true 2-step process:

1. Clean – Using the latest technology, our experts thoroughly clean your upholstery and remove any and all stains, odors, and signs of use.

2. Preserve & Protect – We then apply a protector to  your upholstery to prevent soil and water-based stains, and limit future wear and tear. A deodorizer is also sprayed on your upholstery to keep it smelling fresh all-year-long!

At J. Brian Day, we are not only committed to leaving you with clean upholstery, but at an affordable price, too! We frequently run carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning specials to help save you money!

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